2018 Atlas Peak Sauvignon Blanc

The Baker Vineyard on Atlas Peak is a stony vineyard pried out of the volcanic outcrops and surrounding chaparral, with low yields and high intensity. Though this is Cabernet country,

Doug decided to plant Clone 1 Sauvignon Blanc to see if we could push the limits on what Sauvignon Blanc could be. Our Semillon comes from the Windy Flats Vineyard above Wooden Valley. The growing season in 2018 had late rains after a very wet winter, and a late frost. But the soil drains perfectly, so the vineyard carried on nicely through some huge temperature swings, and hit 50% veraison by August 14. By August 22, the Sauvignon Blanc was ripening unevenly at about 18 Brix and was starting to lose some leaves. The weather cooled, ripening evened up and the exotic flavors began to pop by September 12. The solid crop of 4.9 tons was brought in at 24.2 Brix, on September 14, and was given 6 hours of skin maceration before pressing. We did a light bentonite fining, then racked and inoculated half the lot with VL3 and half with Delta yeast for barrel fermentation. Barrel fermentation creates a richer more complex palate and it stays on the original lees for 8 months. The 2018 Atlas Peak Sauvignon Blanc offers aromas of lime leaf and nectarine, opening to honeydew melon and tangerine. The palate is rich, yet refreshing, with complex white peach, hints of pineapple and a long persistent finish.

Vintage: 2018 | Variety: Sauvignon Blanc | Appellation: Atlas Peak | Alcohol %: 13.9

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