What is a Blind Tasting Experience

A significant part of the enjoyment of wine is the engagement of all of the senses. Smell and taste are obvious, but we also enjoy the color and clarity of the wine, the sound of the wine burbling into the glass, the feeling of the tannins as they gently caress our...

Announcing the Release of Our Second Vintage of Cuvée Charlotte

Hill Family Estate is proud to announce the release of our second vintage of Cuvée Charlotte. Like the inaugural vintage, this bottling captures the essence of spring in the Napa Valley, with its delicate floral nose, balanced by a crispness on the palate. In addition...

Sing, O Muse, of the Vine! 10 great wine related songs.

Wine. Women. And Song. This famous hendiatris (humor me. I rarely get to use obscure rhetorical terms for figures of speech, and I literally live for this sort of thing) for a hedonistic lifestyle might seem quaint to the “sex, drugs, and rock and roll” generation,...

What to pair with Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving is a notoriously difficult holiday for the oenophile. Turkey is one thing, but throw in tart cranberry sauce, sweet potatoes (sometimes cooked with marshmallows, if you must), and who knows what other sacrosanct family traditions must be upheld? Sweet!...

Does the size and shape of the wineglass really matter?

At the Hill Family Estate Tasting Room we regularly hear comments about our glassware.  Many of our guests are delighted that we use the correct glass for each of our wines: some club members have even told us that this was an important factor for them joining us. We...

Ready for that long awaited Harvest season trip to Yountville?

Not that there is ever a bad season to visit the Napa Valley. Each has its particular charms. Whether it is the bright splash of color from the mustard blossoms in February or the changing color of the leaves in October, there is always something to see. But here it...

Hill Family Estate Tasting Room Offers New Wine Pairing Options

When you come to Yountville for the best wine tasting experience of the Napa Valley you might want to have a little nibble to accompany our exceptional wines. To keep up with the new appearance of our tasting room (if you have not seen it yet, please stop by for a...

Wine Aromas Part Two

In the first part of our exploration of wine aromas we looked at how various complex smells end up in wine, even though they are not found in many wine grapes. Sometimes, however, visitors to our Yountville tasting room take a sip of a wine that we describe as showing...

Petaluma Gap

If you come into the Hill Family Estate Yountville tasting room, you can always expect many delicious wines highlighting the fruit that Doug Hill grows in our various Napa vineyards. However, if you take a look at our latest release, the Saltonstall Pinot Noir, you...


Visiting Hill Family Estate

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