Wine Aromas Part Two

In the first part of our exploration of wine aromas we looked at how various complex smells end up in wine, even though they are not found in many wine grapes. Sometimes, however, visitors to our Yountville tasting room take a sip of a wine that we describe as showing...

Petaluma Gap

If you come into the Hill Family Estate Yountville tasting room, you can always expect many delicious wines highlighting the fruit that Doug Hill grows in our various Napa vineyards. However, if you take a look at our latest release, the Saltonstall Pinot Noir, you...

Wine Aromas Part One

We are in the Hill Family Estate Yountville tasting room, eagerly awaiting our next taste of Atlas Peak Cabernet Sauvignon, and we take a gander at the tasting menu. “Rich + blackberry + toffee” Wait! Wine is made from grapes! Where do the aromas of blackberry and...

Recipe Feature: What goes well with Syrah

The anticipation mounts. The excitement is in the air. The unopened bottle of Hill Family Estate Clarke Vineyard Syrah sits on the countertop, enticing, beckoning, gently singing its song to us. We eagerly look forward to its bold profile, with the smoke and spice...

Bud Break in Napa at Hill Family Estate

Spring has sprung! Well, perhaps we should say that here in the Napa Valley, spring is springing. We seem to have a long spring. The first blossoms of spring tend to pop up in late January or early February, with the Magnolia x soulangeana trees (sometimes called...

2021 Cuvée Charlotte Release

It is a crisp, wintery day here in Yountville. OK. Those readers who are living in upstate New York, Montana, Minnesota, and so forth can quit giggling at us now. But 55 degrees with full sunshine is what we call a crisp, wintery day.  The outlines of the Vaca and...

Water, Water, Everywhere!

While we have a pleasant gap in the rains we thought that it is a good time to take stock of the water situation and answer some of the questions we have been getting in our Yountville Tasting Room. Water is, of course, of vital importance to agriculture. Crops do not...

Holidays in Wine Country

After you have had a lovely wine tasting at our Hill Family Estate Yountville Tasting Room, might we suggest enjoying the fun of the season at one of the many offerings Napa Valley has to offer for some holiday cheer? Santa’s Train Come on aboard that Napa Valley Wine...

Winter in the Vineyards

It seems that only a few weeks ago the Napa Valley wineries were resplendent in autumn foliage. Now, with cold night temperatures and the help of a few storms, the vines have definitely embarked on their long winter nap. The grapes have been picked, crushed and...

Hill Family Estate Partners’ Pack

Are you looking for perfect gifts for wine lovers in your life? Or do you need to stock up on great Napa Valley wines for your holiday festivities? The Hill Family Estate Partners’ Pack is the perfect solution. Each of our partners has selected a favorite wine that...


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