A significant part of the enjoyment of wine is the engagement of all of the senses. Smell and taste are obvious, but we also enjoy the color and clarity of the wine, the sound of the wine burbling into the glass, the feeling of the tannins as they gently caress our tongue and mouth. While each of the senses uses different receptors for input, our brains “fill in the gaps” so to speak. The entanglement of sensory data in our minds is a significant part of the total experience.

So what happens when we remove one of those senses from the equation?

Do our taste buds fumble about in the dark, searching for markers? Can our noses put us on the right path as to the age and variety of the wine?

The big question is: Are you up for the challenge of a blind tasting?

Make a reservation for the most exciting wine tasting ticket in Yountville. Four wines from one of the best wineries in Yountville are presented to you in black, opaque glasses. Armed with your nose, palate, and a brief introduction, your job is to decipher the flavor and olfactory notes to identify the wine. Is it red or white? Young or old? Oak or Stainless Steel? Carneros or Atlas Peak?

Challenging? Certainly! Intimidating? Never! Are there prizes for the winner? Absolutely!

The Hill Family Estate blind tasting is all about having fun and exploring the non-visual sensations of wine. Guests often find themselves surprised by how much their noses and palates know.

Blind Tasting experiences must be booked in advance, so call our Tasting Room at 707.944.9580 ext. 1 to make your reservation today!