The Napa Valley is rightfully known for its cabernet sauvignon. Nature has endowed us with the perfect conditions to grow outstanding cabs, and our region has the knowledge and experience to craft these grapes into exquisite wines. However, to paraphrase the old saying, a wine drinker can’t live on cabs alone.

Especially as the weather warms up, many of us look for lighter, brighter offerings.  While nothing can quite compare with a glass or two of Red Door with a grilled ribeye, a freshly caught rainbow trout calls for something different, and Hill Family Estate can provide that something different!

Part of why the Hill Family Estate tasting room is known for offering the best wine tasting Yountville experience is the varieties of wine we offer. From crisp, zesty, Albariño (which pairs beautifully with raw oysters) to our bright, fruit-forward Rosé of Pinot Noir (which makes a bouillabaisse come alive), Hill Family Estate offers the wines that sing of summer.

So, whether your palate is yearning for a lovely dry white to go with that freshly caught trout or a brooding syrah to go with grilled lamb, come into the Hill Family Estate tasting room in Yountville to go beyond the Cabernet!