While winemaking is obviously important to the quality of the wine, it all starts with the vine. Wine is first and foremost an agricultural product. It is easy to make bad wine out of good grapes, but it is impossible to make good wine out of bad grapes!

Sometimes, however, we visit the top wineries in Yountville and get caught up in the wine itself, forgetting that what is in the glass is the end product of farming (of course it is similarly easy to overlook the farm roots of the outstanding cuisine that graces the tables of the many great restaurants in Yountville).

For an amazing experience that ties it all back together, Hill Family Estate offers the Secret Garden Tour. The Secret Garden is a one and a third acre organic culinary garden that supplies produce for The French Laundry, Press, Bouchon and Bottega. With over 120 fruit trees, 30+ heirloom tomatoes, 16 types of citrus, countless herbs, vegetables, and edible blossoms, there is a plethora of edibles to excite your senses and to reconnect the vital link between food, wine, and agriculture.

After your hour long stroll through this bucolic setting, sampling a wide array of the freshest, highest quality delights, you will return to the Hill Family Estate tasting room to enjoy a flight of our wines, where you can revel in the link between farm and glass.