Hill Family Estate Harvest 2020

The culmination of a spring and summer laden with hard work, expert care, and careful oversight has arrived as vineyard workers begin harvesting the 2020 grape crop. The 2020 season was mild with minimal rainfall, allowing the grapes to ripen eveningly. A pair of hot...

Have you heard about our new “natural farming” practices?

In recent years, consumers and businesses alike have become more conscious of environmental sustainability and consumer health than ever. As we witness the steady growth of organics consumption, many socially conscious enterprises are adopting growing and processing...

Sparkling Wine Production at Hill Family Estate

In most years, the first grapes harvested in Napa Valley from Yountville Vineyards go into creating delicious sparkling wines. At Hill Family Estate, some of their Pinot Noir and Chardonnay grapes are picked early in the season to produce their high-quality, vibrant,...

COVID-19 Protocols

These days we all need to be cautious by exercising safe distancing and a host of other precautionary measures to preserve our individual and community health. As many venues have now opened in California, we must continue to be careful and respectful of each other’s...

Veraison in the Vineyards

By late July, grapes in Napa vineyards undergo an important change known as “veraison,” a French term for the natural transition from growing to ripening. The grapes at this stage have nearly reached their mature size and are beginning to turn from green to red. The...

Determining Our Crop Projections

Managing Napa vineyards is a year-round job. Since each year presents variances in temperature, precipitation, wind, or other conditions, and vineyard managers respond to changes differently, every vintage is unique. For the same reasons, the volume will also be...

A Little About Our Bottling Process

As you peruse the wine aisle, you see hundreds or even thousands of those beautiful wine bottles with eye-catching labels and sometimes whimsical or foreign names. Have you ever wondered how the superb deep red, pink, or white wines make the transition from the...

Removing and Replacing A Vineyard

Over time, the output from older grapevines begins to diminish. Although vines can often live 50 to 100 years or more with care, the grapes tend to become smaller, and the flavors change, sometimes becoming more concentrated. For the vineyard manager and their wine...

Paella Recipe Paired with Newly Released 2019 Albariño

While the “wine police” are not likely to arrest you for non-compliance, some wines pair quite naturally with particular dishes. Historically, white wines are suggested as the best complement for seafood and chicken dishes, while reds tend to be served with red meats....

2019 Rosé of Pinot Noir Release

On the spectrum between the refreshing crispness of excellent white wines and the robust, deep flavors of our award-winning reds is our delightful Hill Family Estate’s 2019 Rosé of Pinot Noir. Napa Valley’s Hill Family Estate, one of the best wineries in Napa Valley,...


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