2019 Tiara Sauvignon Blanc

Having experimented in 2018 with many trials, we used our favorite methods in 2019. Most lots were whole cluster pressed with enough dry ice to make the press look like it was smoking! We slowly rolled the press to start the juicing process early, and we only pressed to 1.4 bar or less to avoid the phenolic fraction. After settling, we had 3 lots going through barrel fermentation; Windy Flats lot (early pick), Windy Flats (late pick), and the Watson Sauvignon Musque lot. We also had a lovely Semillon so we have 18% of it in this blend. After 6 months in barrel, all the lots turned out very well, so the final Tiara blend is the result of how the wines fit together. The nose is big and fruity, and the palate is clean, elegant, and complex.

The 2019 Tiara has beautiful aromas consisting of white peach, honeysuckle, pineapple, and vanilla. The palate offers ripe white peach and melon flavors that meet in a rich smooth texture. The wine has a beautiful core of acidity that is delightful and refreshing.

Vintage: 2019 | Variety: Sauvignon Blanc | Appellation: Napa Valley | Alcohol %: 14.1