An in-home group wine tasting is a unique and festive occasion. While you and your guests are learning about the complicated processes and nuances of wines, prepare to enjoy a delightful sharing and interaction during the evening.

Hill Family Estate offers group Napa wine tasting options both at their historic location in Yountville and, very uniquely, in your own home.

Your In-Home Wine Tasting Experience

Have you been unable to gather your group for a road trip to Yountville for a first-class Napa wine tasting? Or, are you still trying to conjure up a truly memorable theme for your next in-home social occasion?

At the request of our Hill Family Estate Wine Club Members, we travel to your home to host a customized, in-home Napa wine tasting session during your dinner social at any time throughout the year.

Arranging your event is simple. You make your guest list, establish the date and time, and let us know what foods you plan to serve. We collaborate with you about the details by providing the appropriate wine menu and tasting sequence.

Each of our in-home wine-tasting gatherings has been unique. Our Wine Club Members will make special requests, and, based on our experience, we may offer additional suggestions to enhance your special occasion.

In-Home Tastings with Hill Family Estate

How Our In-Home Wine Tasting Works 

One of our Hill Family Estate experts will arrive at your location at an appointed time with the carefully selected wines.

During the dinner, the expert will guide your group through the wine tasting in much the same way as we do at our winery’s Napa wine tastings. However, your wine tasting and dinner will be far more relaxed. The expert will also offer information about Napa Valley and winemaking and the specific of Napa wine tasting.

And, be assured, the dinner will also involve a great deal of laughter and camaraderie among your attendees.

Why Does Hill Family Estate Offer In-Home Wine Tasting to Our Members?

Besides being a quality producer of your favorite wines, we at Hill Family Estate enjoy developing an even closer personal friendship with our Wine Club Members. We believe that given the opportunity to present our wines in your home in a relaxed environment, we will develop a sincere and long-lasting personal relationship.

At the same time, we will be refining your wine tasting skills.

Meeting people and interacting with new friends is our objective. In-home wine tastings allow us to share our wines with interesting people in a relaxed and laid-back atmosphere complete with great conversation and delicious food.

Tasting notes will be available for each wine selection so guests can match their perceptions with those of our Hill Family Estate winemaker, Alison Doran.

Our in-home Napa wine tastings are conducted much like those we present at our winery, only with a higher degree of fun and interaction. We intend to provide everyone with a customized wine education experience while also creating a highly enjoyable occasion.

Benefits of an In-Home Wine Tasting

A Wine Night with Hill Family Estate is a terrific theme for your next social gathering. More than a dinner, the event will both entertain and educate. Your guests will have loads of fun while hopefully refining their ability to differentiate between “good” wines and great ones.

For more information about your in-home Napa wine tasting, phone us at Hill Family Estate at 707.944.9580.