Although we are closed during the coming weeks, being housebound does not mean that you must forego your early spring Napa wine tasting experiences at Hill Family Estate. In fact, we have arranged virtual wine tastings, an expert-led tour of one of our select Napa vineyards, and our tours of our very special Hill Family Estate Garden in Yountville. From the comfortable confines of your own home, you will be able to experience many of the same delights that we provide when you visit our facilities in and around Yountville in Napa Valley.

Napa Wine Tasting Sessions

We at Hill Family estate will be taking our guests through some of the same experiences that we offer when we are open to the public.

To this end, Hill Family Estate Wine Club Members who have recently received shipments will be able to enjoy, taste, and evaluate in virtual wine tastings. Our expert winemakers, Alison Doran and Consulting Winemaker Jean Hoeflinger will conduct the wine tastings precisely as they do in person.

Virtual Wine Tasting Events

  • Wednesday, April 8: Consulting Winemaker Jean Hoelfinger will present our 2019 Rose´ of Pinot Noir and 2016 Beau Terre Merlot.
  • Friday, May 1: Proprietor Ryan Hill and Hill Family Estate Winemaker Alison Doran will conduct a virtual Napa wine tasting of the spring wine club allocation, including 2019 Albarino, 2017 Clarke Vineyard Syrah, 2016 Red Door and 2018 Dolcetto.

Virtual Vineyard Tour

  • Wednesday, April 15: Family patriarch and long-time Napa vineyards manager Doug Hill and winery proprietor Ryan Hill will lead you on an interactive tour of the Villagio Vineyard in Yountville. This highly informative experience will feature the same vines from which the Dolcetto, this month’s featured Wine Club Selection, is produced. For information regarding the tour, check out our website.

During the Virtual Vineyard Tour of the Villagio Vineyard, you will learn much about the technology and terminology of growing grapes. We will also discuss the various characteristics of the many varieties that create their unique features in the wines. Principal varieties grown in Napa Vineyards include Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Dolcetto.

And, you’ll also learn about the various stages that the vines undergo during the growing season and learn about the current practices being employed during springtime as we prepare for flowering and fruit set.

Hill Family Estate’s Secret Garden Tour with Ryan Hill and Peter Jacobsen

Our famous Secret Garden Tour leads you through the Hill Family Estate’s beautiful, 1.3-acre stunningly landscaped Secret Garden. Only a short distance from our Napa Wine Tasting Room in Yountville, the Garden brims with 120 different types of flowering fruit trees, including fig, pear, peach, and a variety of less uncommon fruits. In addition to the many varieties of vegetables growing here, you will see pineapple guava, miniature white strawberries, and many herbs and spices. The produce from the Secret Garden supplies four of the nearby restaurants with tasty and unique items to incorporate in their cuisines. Each tour will focus on a different aspect of the ever-changing garden:

  • Saturday, April 11
  • Saturday, April 25

Join Us for Our Hill Family Estate Virtual Tastings and Tours

While we certainly miss seeing all our friends and Wine Club Members in person, please join us for our interactive, instructive, and fun tastings and tours. Our work continues in our Napa Vineyards under Doug Hill’s leadership and direction. We plan to continue these virtual experiences, for now, and offer our friends a more interactive experience.