On the spectrum between the refreshing crispness of excellent white wines and the robust, deep flavors of our award-winning reds is our delightful Hill Family Estate’s 2019 Rosé of Pinot Noir.

Napa Valley’s Hill Family Estate, one of the best wineries in Napa Valley, is proud to present its limited production 2019 Rosé of Pinot Noir, a delightfully dry rosé made from the harvest of Floisand Vineyard in the rolling hills of the Carneros District of Napa Valley. This Napa vineyards is adjacent to the Beau Terroir Vineyard that has been successfully managed by Hill Family’s patriarch, Doug Hill, for several years.

Situated at Valley floor level, the vines thrive on the foggy mornings followed by warm afternoons and cool evenings throughout the season. Before the 2019 bud break, the region experienced substantial rainfall, followed by mild conditions for the balance of the growing season.

What is a Rosé of Pinot Noir?

Wine drinkers recognize the substantial contribution the Pinot Noir grape contributes to the world’s vast array of excellent red wines. However, with proper handling, these same Pinot Noir grapes can also produce an outstanding dry rosé, refreshing with a light pink color.

While this wine may be enjoyed anywhere at any time, relaxing with a 2019 Hill Family Estate Pinot Noir Rosé on a terrace or deck with excellent company is a magnificent way to revel in a lovely view or sunset.

2019 Hill Family Estate Rosé of Pinot Noir: The Process

Rosé of Pinot Noir is produced from lightly crushed Pinot Noir grapes that are left to macerate or soak with their dark red skins for only a short time. The time the juice remains in contact with the skins determines the depth of the color. So, after only a few hours, the liquid is separated from the solids or “must,” yielding its characteristic light pink, not red, color.

Following the separation, the fermentation begins.

The juice of this 2019 rosé was fermented with Acyiflore Rosé yeast in a cold-fermenting stainless steel tank. Later, the new wine went into neutral French oak barrels to rest for three months before racking.

The production was bottled on January 17, 2020, under screwcap.

Tasting Notes

According to Hill Family Estate’s Winemaker, Alison Doran, the 2019 Rosé of Pinot Noir features initial aromas of strawberry and raspberry, then a “dry, crisp entry.” On the palate, the wine exhibits flavors of peach and raspberry, leading to a clean finish.

Key facts for the Rosé are:

  • Appellation: Carneros
  • Composition: 92% Pinot Noir, 4% Viognier, 4% Sauvignon Blanc
  • Alcohol: 12.3%, T.A. 6.1, pH 3.37
  • Bottling Date: January 17, 2020
  • Release: Spring 2020
  • 206 Cases produced
  • Release Price: $29.00

Hill Family Estate Winery

Since its initial wine production in 2001, Hill Family Estate has expanded its reputation as one of the best wineries in Napa Valley. Combining Doug Hill’s extensive growing expertise in Napa vineyards with the award-winning winemaking skills of Alison Doran, the winery takes its place among the best wineries in Napa Valley.

Visitors to Napa Valley can enjoy this new Hill Family Estate Rosé at our Tasting Room in downtown Yountville.