When you combine the star status and business acumen of the famous Bella Twins with the world-class marketing and winemaking skills of Hill Family Estate, you would be on the road to creating a unique and highly coveted Special Edition wine. For added excitement, give that wine a stylish name like “Belle Radici” and then apply a stunningly eye-catching label imagined by noted creative design professionals, Tim Martin and Mark Wiegard.

The result is an elegant Cabernet Sauvignon representing the partnership’s passion for excellent wine and the love of the wondrous fruits of nature.

Bell Radici: A Unique Identity

“Belle Radici” means “beautiful roots” in Italian. Incorporating a variant of the surname of Nikki and Brie with reference to the “roots” of winemaking, the brand name nicely melds with the group’s vision.

Designers Martin and Wiegard’s design for Belle Radici Cabernet Sauvignon label underscores the image of beauty and grace. The graphics appear to reflect the “beauty and roots” theme by depicting the twins’ long flowing tresses that meander much like the rows of a hillside vineyard.

Producing Belle Radici

Crafted with the extensive winemaking skills of Hill Family Estate’s award-winning winemaker, Alison Doran, the group has introduced a high-quality wine that celebrates the group’s passion for excellence.

The carefully selected grapes are chosen from specific Napa Valley hillside and valley floor vineyards to showcase a bold, balanced structure with smooth and elegant notes. The wine offers aromas of caramel and red berry that open up to flavors of currant, mocha, and raspberry.

The highly regarded 2017 vintage Belle Radici Cabernet Sauvignon is currently available for purchase online from the Hill Family Estate website.

Partners in Belle Radici Creation

The Bella Sisters, Brie and Nikki, first became famous as a champion professional wrestling duo of the WWE. Since leaving wrestling, the New York Times best-selling authors have their own television series, and have advanced their careers as owners of an apparel line, skincare and haircare, supporters of many charities, and, of course, partners in Belle Radici and Bonita Bonita wines.

Tim Martin and Mark Wiegard of Team Gauge are a talented creative design and brand development team. Based in Napa Valley and Chicago, the pair blends Mark’s extensive experience in global brand development with Tim’s in-depth knowledge of the wine industry.

Ryan Hill is the Vice President and Director of Sales for Hill Family Estate Winery. Through Ryan’s guidance and the combined talents of longtime vineyard manager, Doug Hill, plus Alison Doran and other team members, Hill Family Estate has grown into one of the most dynamic Napa Valley wineries.

Hill Family Estate Winery

Hill Family Estate is a premier Napa Valley winery based in Yountville, CA. For two decades, the talented Hill Family Estate team has produced outstanding affordable wines that have achieved numerous accolades and awards. Truly a family effort, the Hill Family began producing wines in 2001, building upon the several decades of vineyard management experience and winemaking of family patriarch, Doug Hill.

The Hill Family cordially invites you to visit our winery, for now, by appointment only. Due to the current pandemic, we must exercise extreme caution with carefully monitored protocols to protect our guests and associates.

For more information and to schedule an appointment, visit the Hill Family Estate website to learn more. You may phone for reservations at 1-707-944-9580.