The last five years have been a challenge for the Napa Valley wine world. From devastating fires in 2017 and 2020 to droughts, the COVID pandemic and its attendant closures, travel restrictions, supply chain interruptions, and labor shortages, making wine here has been a little more difficult than usual. Some establishments have closed, some people have gotten out of the industry completely. For those of us who have soldiered on, we have faced reduced yields, smoke-related crop loss in hillside vineyards, and tricky harvest situations, all to bring the world the outstanding wines that you count on us to produce.

To honor those who have faced the hardest of these struggles, and to celebrate those of us who are still standing tall and proudly making world-class wine, Hill Family Estate is proud to release Weathering the Storm.

This one-time limited release red blend (60% cabernet sauvignon, 14% merlot, 14% petite syrah and 12% malbec) is a beautiful expression of what the Napa Valley can produce. With bold fruit, ripe tannins, deep color and outstanding complexity, Weathering the Storm is sure to take your table, well, by storm. The cabernet is from the same juice lots that went into the Double Barrel and Red Door, so this is a big, magnificent wine. In some places wines must feature either power and punch or depth and complexity. Fortunately, due to our perfect wine-growing climate, we can have both, and Weathering the Storm is a great example of that.

Please visit us at our Yountville tasting room to get an idea of why this outstanding wine is quickly becoming a favorite of the Hill Family Estate Wine Club! But don’t delay, as this is a small, one-time release, and you won’t want to miss out.