These days we all need to be cautious by exercising safe distancing and a host of other precautionary measures to preserve our individual and community health. As many venues have now opened in California, we must continue to be careful and respectful of each other’s health.

At Hill Family Estate we are mindful of the importance of maintaining a safe atmosphere for our guests. We have diligently prepared to do all possible to ensure a safe and healthful visit to our winery in Yountville.

As an important reminder, we ask that you make your reservations for visits and wine tastings in advance before coming for a Napa wine tasting at Hill Family Estate Winery.

To this end, we share our current protocols so you can feel comfortable while visiting our facilities during the current pandemic.

Guest Responsibilities

  • Guests must wear masks as they arrive and begin to move about the area. Masks can then be removed once you are seated at a table. We will provide masks, as needed.
  • Guests should maintain a six-foot distance between our employees and other guests.
  • Groups may consist of up to six people who will not be required to socially distance from each other.

Our Commitment

We screen all employees when they arrive at work. We advise that anyone should stay home if they are not feeling well. Following CDC Guidelines, each employee will be checked for shortness of breath or trouble breathing, feverishness, or coughing.

If symptoms exist, they will not remain at work.

Before your arrival:
  • We have reduced and restricted the number of groups that may be present at one time. This practice ensures social distancing will be maintained appropriately.
  • We continually clean and sanitize surfaces in all common areas, tables, and bathrooms after each group departs.
  • Employees will sanitize bathrooms, toilets, sinks, door handles, and other surfaces whenever they personally use them.
  • Tasting room tables will be prearranged with wine glasses, pitchers of water, and menus before your arrival.
  • Employees will wear non-latex gloves while setting tables. Gloves will be discarded after performing each separate task.
  • Upon arrival, you and your group will be greeted at the door and escorted to your assigned table.

Wine Tasting and Transaction Protocols

Once guests are seated, they are permitted to remove their masks.

  • Pens provided for note-taking or order entry will be pre-sanitized.
  • The winery will provide disposable order forms to order wines.
  • Customer will swipe their own credit cards for any payments.
  • Employees will collect order forms or Wine Club applications while wearing gloves or having washed their hands just prior.

Make Your Group Napa Wine Tasting Reservations in Advance

We at Hill Family Estate are once again delighted to extend our usual hospitality.

Prepare for a welcoming and healthy experience at Hill Family Estate. While these protocols are necessary, we have designed every aspect of our operations to ensure your visit will be as enjoyable and comfortable as at any other time.

Our reservationists are pleased to book you and your group for a delightful wine tasting experience at one of the best wineries in Napa Valley, Hill Family Estate.

Phone for a wine tasting reservations at 1-(707)-944-9580 today. We will provide all information you’ll need to make your visit comfortable and safe.