It may have taken Odysseus 10 years of plowing the wine dark seas to return to his native Greece from the Trojan War, but on the Hill Family Estate’s Mediterranean wine cruise we cover the distance in just 10 days with the wine on board. We’re bringing Napa wine tasting to Europe!

Setting sail from Barcelona on June 29, 2023, our cruise, hosted by Hill Family Estate’s own Ryan and Nicole Hill, features wine seminars and tastings, casual wine hours and winemaker’s dinner. We will stop at 10 ports of call, allowing our guests to participate in exclusive wine-themed shore tours.

After visiting Mahon on the beautiful island of Minorca, the ancient city of Marseille, the stunning Mediterranean resort town of Antibes, Rome, Positano on the Amalfi Coast, Syracuse in Sicily, and Kavala in Greece, our ship, the Nautica, will stop for an overnight port of call in Istanbul, Turkey, allowing guests to explore this storied and cosmopolitan city. For those wishing for a more extended stay, we offer an optional 3-night Food and Wine Trails option in Barcelona and the Penedes wine region.

If you would like to join in this food and wine-filled cruise, please contact us at Hill Family Estate for more information. Stop by our Napa winery and learn more about this experience.