Salve amicis!

We all know that wine has an ancient pedigree. Part of the beauty and joy of the wine experience, besides the beauty and joy of simply drinking the wine, is realizing the deep roots that wine has in Mediterranean and Black Sea cultures. While wine did not originate with our Greco-Roman ancestors (we have the ancient people of the Caucasus to thank for that), it was certainly a crucial part of their cultures, and, after the Phoenicians, they were extremely important in spreading wine culture to France, Spain, Portugal and the rest of the world.

What better way to celebrate the Greco-Roman roots of wine than to have a toga party at a winery! (Yes, for those of us of a certain age who remember the classic film Animal House, we can all chant along, “Toga! Toga!” And we are not even on double secret probation).

On August 27 we will sport our finest sword and sandal costumes and gather at the Hill Family Estate Winery to enjoy fine Greek food and finer Napa Valley wines! Let’s not quibble over whether or not to call the ancient god of wine Bacchus or Dionysius, but instead, let us relax in the splendor of the late summer in our beloved Valley to celebrate the harvest.